Annual Report 2022

A huge year for the Fab City Global Initiative

The context

2022 was a huge year for the Fab City ecosystem. With the help of our community, we have been providing strategic support to Fab Cities to activate their local networks and implement the Fab City agenda by developing projects, designing distributed educational programs, and promoting knowledge transfer opportunities.

The goal

This document is a comprehensive report detailing our activities throughout 2022. Its purpose is to provide our shareholders with information about the Fab City Global Initiative's operations and performance over the year 2022.

Type of resource


In a nutshell

Fab City Global Initiative is growing while implementing a strategic action plan based on the Fab City Full Stack. With this annual report, we put the year 2022 in perspective, presenting key performance results in the different action areas of the global initiative, such as the foundation, the network, the collective, our project ecosystem, our learning programs, and events held during the year.