Full Stack

What practical actions do we undertake to achieve our mission and vision?

Fab City Full Stack: Download Urban Regeneration Framework
Fab City Full Stack: Download Urban Regeneration Framework

The Context

Adopting a Full Stack strategy can unpack the major challenge of Fab City into smaller parts, which in turn facilitates the development of technologies for urban regeneration. As the challenges ahead are not only technical, political, social, or economic but the sum of all operating simultaneously, a framework to articulate such complexity is needed.

The goal

This resource aims to help the members of the Fab City Network accomplish the Fab City goal of producing (almost) everything they consume through a series of complementary layers that make our aim operational. The Full Stack aims to provide an operational plan that can translate the Product In - Trash Out (PITO) paradigm into a new Data In - Data Out (DIDO) paradigm.

Type of resource


In a nutshell

The Fab City Full Stack is a framework that helps cities and regions interpret the Fab City challenge and guides them to implement it in a multiscalar and ecosystemic approach. It assists cities in defining their own Strategic Action Plan that reflects their local community and bioregion.