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Until cities produce everything they consume.

By 2054 70% of us will live in cities.

This rapid urbanization presents a grand challenge as well a system-changing opportunity.

Fab City Challenge

In 2014, the then mayor of Barcelona challenged cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. Fab City Global Initiative is enabling this shift away from the industrial paradigm of Product-in Trash-out, by enabling the return of manufacture to cities supported by a Data-in Data-out urban model. It comprises a Network of 38 cities, a core Collective and is governed by a foundation. We are working to make locally productive, globally connected cities and citizens.

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Values &

We believe sustainability and livability depend on collective action and co-designed solutions which benefit the planet and the future of humanity. We manifest our values and vision as a community of practice through ten guiding principles, ‘The Fab City Manifesto.

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Our Approach

We apply our vision and values in a full stack model. From the local to the global, we work across multiple layers of practice and deployment, scaling the FabLab approach to a city and systems level.

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Prototype the city

We engage in action-research directly in the city by prototyping and deploying strategies across localities in our network.

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Common knowledge

As a global network, we are connected through the knowledge we share, across common tools and platforms.

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Findings from prototyping and action-research are documented and shared within the network.

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A global initiative

41.3851°N 2.1734°  |   Joined 2014

Barcelona, Spain

Policy and Governance


Fab Lab Barcelona | IAAC | Barcelona City Council


45.8150°N 15.9819°E  |   Joined 2018

Zagreb, Croatia



27.5142°N, 90.4336°E  |   Joined 2016

Thimphu, Bhutan


Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labour and Human Resources | Royal University of Bhutan | Ministry of Agriculture | Fab Lab Bhutan



22.5431°N, 114.0579°E  |   Joined 2015

Shenzhen, China


Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab | Shenzhen Industrial Design Association



42.3154°N, 43.3569°E  |   Joined 2015

Georgia, Georgia

Government Agency

LEPL. Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency



25.4809°S, 49.3044°W  |   Joined 2017

Curitiba, Brasil


Agência Curitiba | We Fab | Curitiba City Hall | iCities



43.8927°N, 3.2828°E  |   Joined 2017

Occitanie Region, France



19.0414°N, 98.2063°W  |   Joined 2018

Puebla, Mexico



19.4326°N, 99.1332°W  |   Joined 2018

Mexico City, Mexico



45.4471°N, 4.3853°E  |   Joined 2018

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France



52.3680°N, 4.9036°E  |   Joined 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Waag Society | Fab Lab Amsterdam | Pakhuis de Zwijger | Metabolic


42.3736°N, 71.1097°W  |   Joined 2015

Cambridge, USA



10.8505°N, 76.2711°E  |   Joined 2015

Kerala, India


Kerala Startup Mission


38.5816°N, 121.4944°W  |   Joined 2016

Sacramento, USA



19.9173°S, 43.9346°W  |   Joined 2018

Belo-Horizonte, Brasil



26.1777°S, 28.3462°E  |   Joined 2015

Ekurhuleni, South Africa



48.3904°N, 4.4861°W  |   Joined 2017

Brest, France


Brest Métropol | ADEUPa | UBO Open Factory



42.3601°N, 71.0589°W  |   Joined 2015

Boston, USA



43.6047°N, 1.4442°E  |   Joined

Toulouse, France



48.8566°N, 2.3522°E  |   Joined 2016

Paris, France


Fab City Grand Paris Association | City Council of Paris



33.4489°S, 70.6693°W  |   Joined 2016

Santiago, Chile


Fab Lab Santiago | SE Santiago | Escuela de Diseño UC | Distributed Design Foundation



52.4521°N, 4.6306°E  |   Joined

Velsen, Netherlands



37.5665°N, 126.9780°E  |   Joined 2018

Seoul, South Korea



37.8044°N, 122.2711°W  |   Joined 2018

Oakland, USA



42.3876°N, 71.0995°W  |   Joined 2015

Somerville, USA

Government Agency




42.3314°N, 83.0458°W  |   Joined 2016

Detroit, USA



35.3192°N, 139.5467°E  |   Joined 2018

Kamakura, Japan



23.4557°S, 47.4883°W  |   Joined 2018

Sorocaba, Brasil



50.3755° N, 4.1427° W  |   Joined 2019

Plymouth, England



53.5511° N, 9.9937° E  |   Joined 2019

Hamburg, Germany


The Fab City Hamburg consortium consists of 30+ local labs, organizations and public institutions. For more information please visit:



20.7099° N, 89.0943° W  |   Joined 2019

Yucatàn Region, Mexico



48.1173° N, 1.6778° W  |   Joined 2019

Rennes, France



23.5505° S, 46.6333° W  |   Joined 2019

São Paolo, Brazil



8.0522° S, 34.9286° W  |   Joined 2019

Recife, Brazil



48.3069°N, 14.2858°E  |   Joined 2020

Linz, Austria



44.1194°N, 15.2314°E  |   Joined 2020

Zadar, Croatia



44.9271°N, 4.9228°E  |   Joined 2020

Valence Romans Agglo, France



48°20′N 68°40′W  |   Joined 2020

Bas-Saint-Laurent, Canada



Fab City Network

Core to the initiative is a network of cities, regions and countries that have pledged to work towards producing everything they consume by 2054. Citizens, FabLabs and City officials collaborate locally to implement new urban models through interventions in governance and policy.

Tomas Diez

Director and co-founder at Fab Lab Barcelona. Co-director at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Liz Corbin

Institute of Making; UCL.

Julie Hjort

Program Director; Danish Design Centre.

Christian Villum

Director of Digital & Future Thinking; Danish Design Centre.

Vasilis Niaros

Researcher Coordinator at P2P Foundation.

Daniel Heltzel

Fab Lab Berlin International Relations. Responsible Research & Innovation strategy and Innovation Facilitation.

Karen van der Moolen

Program Developer at Waag Society.

Egbert Fransen

Founder and director of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Thomas Ermacora

Architect/Urbanist & Tech Angel. Founder of Machines Room and Clear Village. Xprize Resident Futurist.

Nat Hunter

Director, FANDCO, London.

Gareth Owen Lloyd

Director of Maker Projects FANDCO.

James Tooze

Senior Tutor & Researcher - Royal College of Art, London.

Vincent Guimas

Co-founder at Fab City Grand Paris Association and Les Arts Codés, Nouvelle Fabrique and ArsLonga.

Francesco Cingolani

Fab City Grand Paris Association and Volumes co-founder. Design by Data founder and director (École des Ponts ParisTech).

Minh Manh Nguyen

President of Fab City Grand Paris; Co-founder of WoMa.

Chris Monaghan

Co-Founder and Innovation Director at Metabolic.

Massimo Menichinelli

Researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona - IAAC.

Massimo Bianchini

Polifactory, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano.

Stefano Maffei

Polifactory, Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano.

Tsewang Lhundup

Director at Fab Lab Bhutan.

Mara Balestrini

CEO at Ideas for Change. Research fellow at IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona.

Indy Johar

Co-founder of 00. Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield.

Daniel Charny

Creative Director at From Now On and Professor of Design at Kingston University.

Mikkel Holst

Co-founder of Underbroen and Acting Head of Creative Growth at City of Copenhagen

Asger Nørregaard Rasmussen

Community lead at Underboren and Project Manager at Copenhagen Maker

Our Roadmap

We’re building our roadmap through action research and experimentation, in collaboration with our growing network of supporters.

2011   Fab7 International Conference

The Fab City project is launched by the Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya, the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, the Fab Foundation and the Barcelona City Council.

2014   Fab10 International Conference "From Fablabs to Fab Cities"

Barcelona launches officially the FAB City project / Mayor Trias commit to the 40 year challenge / The first public network of Fab Labs in a city is launched

2015   Fab11 International Fab Lab Conference

The Fab City becomes a global initiative / The cities of Boston, Ekurhuleni, Cambridge, Shenzhen, Somerville join / The state of Kerala (India) joins / The country of Georgia joins

2015   Amsterdam Fab City Campus

Europe by People: The Netherlands host the presidency of the European Union / The first Fab City experts summit in Amsterdam / The City of Amsterdam commits to the Fab City global initiative-

2016   Shenzhen: The silicon valley of Hardware

12th International Fab Lab Conference / Cities joining the Fab City global initiative: Detroit, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Bhutan, Occitanie, Sacramento, Toulouse.

2017   Chile. Fab13: Fabricating Society

13th International Fab Lab Conference: Fab13: Fabricating Society / Fab City Campus Santiago de Chile / Fab City Summit Copenhagen

2018   France. Fab14: Fabricating Resilience

14th International Fab Lab Conference: Fab14: Fabricating Resilience / Fab City Campus Parc de La Villete / Fab City Summit Paris


Fab City Roundtable at FabLat Fest 2020

Mexico City - Streamed online

  • 27

  • - 27

  • November
  • 2020

Fab City Summit

Streaming and in-person from Montreal, Canada

  • 13

  • - 15

  • August
  • 2021

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