Distributed Innovation Workshops

Distributed Innovation Workshops

The Distributed Innovation series of international workshops provide participants with transformative and dynamic learning experiences in various areas of innovation and sustainability.

Basic Information


Remote or hybrid




1 week p/course




700 €

About the Program

Led by outstanding international researchers, activists and professionals, each workshop focuses on a specific theme and aims to empower participants with applied knowledge, skills, and perspectives to address global challenges and drive positive change.
The workshops cover diverse topics such as distributed leadership, collaboration, distributed design, bio-based economy, human-bio interactions, distributed economies, biotechnologies, and more-than-human design. Participants engage in hands-on activities, explore emerging technologies and methodologies, and develop a deeper understanding of the interplay between humans, materials, ecosystems, and the environment. Students will be part of a global and local network of innovators, creating a culture of collaboration, creativity, and sustainability, embracing innovative approaches and co-create impactful solutions with a global perspective.

13-16-17-19-20 October, 2023 (2:00-5:00pm CET)

30 Oct-2 Nov, 2023 + final session 9 Nov (4:00-6:30pm CET)

13-17 Nov, 2023 (2:00-5:00pm CET)

15-19 Jan, 2024 (2:00-5:00pm CET)

30 Jan / 1, 2, 6 & 13 Feb (3:00-6:00pm CET)

19-23 Feb, 2024 (3:00-6:00pm CET)

6-10 May , 2024

Student Profile

As a Distributed Innovation candidate, participants might be already working in the public or private sector, academic institutions or, may come from an entrepreneurial background having started their own business related to planetary restoration. The program aims to become a platform to boost and accelerate students’ capabilities to produce change in their own contexts, and to accelerate the transition towards a productive and sustainable model of production and consumption in their communities.

Government employees & NGOs

Designers, Makers, Architects, Urbanists and Artists who want to expand their knowledge
by incorporating new design methodologies, technological skills and theoretical arguments to deploy in their personal and professional projects sustainably.

Entrepreneurs & social innovators

Professionals from all areas who wish to transform their ideas into social innovations or start their sustainable entrepreneurship by expanding their technical skills and design methods to become agents of positive change.

Creative industries & makers

Professionals who are already making changes from inside in public services or non- governmental-organisations and want to accelerate the impact of policy by adopting an innovation culture.

Professional Opportunities

The workshops offer innovators and changemakers the opportunity to address global challenges in their working and living contexts to enable local transformation, by learning from and adapting global knowledge. Participants will have the possibility to integrate the knowledge acquired in the program in their working environments, or expand their research agenda after the program. At the same time, participants with an existing business or initiative linked to the purpose of the workshops will have the opportunity to reinforce and scale up their reach, and incorporate new knowledge in their current mission.