Until cities produce (almost) everything they consume.

Can cities produce everything they consume by 2054?

In 2014, Barcelona challenged all cities to produce what they consume by 2054. The call to action has grown into a sustainable cities network focused on the digital transition, localisation, and regenerative economy.

Members get access to knowledge exchange, network events, research opportunities, and engagement with like-minded cities across the globe. They meet once a year at the Fab City Summit, where new cities also join the Network.

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Join the Fab City Network

We welcome new cities to the Network at the annual Fab City Summit and work side-by-side with Network members throughout the year to develop local strategies to implement the Fab City Strategic Action Plan. The Network shares working practices and knowledge as well as a deep alignment of purpose and culture.

Join a cities network for people

The Fab City Network invites innovators, community leaders, teachers, makers – anyone – to initiate change in their community. We support real people to activate their Mayor’s office to take the pledge to join the challenge towards productive cities. New cities join by taking the pledge at the annual Summit for urban innovation. We guide you to get your city to pledge. See our resources for more.

Fab City Awards

The Fab City Awards is an annual contest aimed at highlighting exceptional projects worldwide that promote self-sufficiency and sustainable living, fostering a global repository of best practices for urban and rural challenges.

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Linda Contreras

Linda Contreras

Global Community Lead

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