Initial steps to join the Fab City Global Initiative

Initial steps to join the Fab City Global Initiative

All you need to know to join our movement

The Context

In an ever-changing world, innovation is not an option but a necessity. Climate change, biodiversity loss, land and ecosystem degradation, social exclusion and the current global systemic crisis (materials, energy, food) require us to reinvent the fundamental systems we depend upon, redesigning how we manufacture, distribute and consume goods and services in cities, bioregions and countries.

This redesign is an urgent task that requires courage, coherence and long-term thinking.

Fab City is about how we build a just and equitable transition towards a circular, locally productive, regenerative, resilient, and socially inclusive economy and global system.

The Goal

This resource aims to guide localities that show interest in joining our Network and want an introductory resource into our ecosystem and how it works.

Type of Resource

Digital compendium

In a nutshell

This resource is dedicated to potential members of our Locality Network. The document is a compendium of information on everything you need to know about our vision, the strategies we implement to achieve it, and the values that guide our work. Through it you will also access a step-by-step guide to join the Fab CIty Network and learn more on the benefits your locality will gain once you pledge your commitment to achieving our mission.