What’s Fab City’s purpose?

The goal is a global connected production. Materials stay within accepted distances in cities and regions, information
travels on how things are made. We share the recipes of how to construct our world. Source: Fab City

The context

The world is facing an unprecedented systemic crisis: climate change, biodiversity loss, land and ecosystem degradation, social exclusion, and a systemic crisis on materials, energy, and food. There is a clear, urgent, and underestimated need to redesign everything around us, especially how we manufacture, distribute and consume goods and services.

The goal

It outlines Fab City's vision by explaining how we plan to build a new socioeconomic model based on local manufacturing infrastructure and globally distributed data. It also explains our mission: PITO to DIDO, a model that shifts how localities source and use materials from ´Products In - Trash Out´ (PITO) to ´Data In - Data Out´ (DIDO).

Type of resource


In a nutshell

The whitepaper discusses the context in which the Fab City challenge unfolds, detailing the strategies we are implementing to achieve it and the benefits presented to global and local communities. It details how Fab City enables a fair and equitable transition towards a circular, regenerative, resilient, and socially inclusive economy and global system.