Fab City Awards 2024


The Fab City Awards 2024 launched in March to celebrate the world’s most innovative urban and rural solutions. From the projects submitted by 12 countries, four incredible projects have been selected as winners.

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Sustainable Living for a Regenerative Planet

Introducing the Fab City Awards 2024 – an international contest acknowledging innovation in advancing self-sufficiency and regenerative living. We recognize and honor exceptional projects, products, services, and policies that align with the Fab City vision. Participate in building a global repository of best practices, bringing together diverse entities such as individuals, Fab Labs, makerspaces, educational institutions, industries, communities, nonprofits, and governments.

Calling innovators and change-makers

Open to individuals, teams, and representatives from various sectors, this is an opportunity for enthusiasts to play a pivotal role in shaping a more resilient future. Join us!


  • Open call for applications: March 04 – April 29, 2024
  • Application extension: until May 6, 2024!
  • Evaluation period: May 6 – May 27, 2024
  • Winners’ Announcement: June 3, 2024
  • Showcase of winning projects: June 10 – August 14, 2024

Winners will be featured on the Fab City website, social media and blog, and spotlighted at events (e.g. Distributed Innovation workshops, round tables, webinars, Fab City Summit Mexico 2024, etc.). This exposure could help them gain additional funding, partners, and support to scale their initiatives.

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Showcase your best practices projects, products, services, policies, urban strategy, neighbourhood transformation, community empowerment action, or other types of initiatives!



Solutions/projects that apply regenerative principles, aiming to restore and enhance ecosystems. Emphasis is placed on fostering a Circular Economy, optimizing resources to minimize negative environmental impact. Additionally, initiatives within this category should demonstrate a Bioregional Impact, extending positive effects regionally.


Projects in this category should showcase innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions addressing urban and/or rural challenges. Advancements in sustainability, including renewable energy, waste management, water conservation, sustainable mobility, agriculture and food security, as well as regenerative materials and infrastructure, are key focuses.


This category centers around solutions/projects that actively promote social inclusion and cohesion while fostering community engagement and empowerment. Initiatives within this category should either be led by or significantly benefit marginalized communities or grassroots groups. The emphasis is on creating positive social impact and strengthening community bonds.

Evaluation criteria per category

Initiatives that can apply

To be eligible the best practices being submitted must meet the following conditions:
  • Already be implemented or piloted by a public, private, nonprofit, or community organisation.
  • Applicants can be organisations and institutions or individuals representing them.
  • Organisations must be represented by an applicant who is directly involved in the initiative and is at least 18 years old.
  • Align with at least one of the Fab City Award categories (technology, communities, ecosystems)
  • Have been created or updated in 2018 or later.
  • Organizations participating can have up to 03 entries submitted for the contest.
  • Demonstrate clear alignment with the Fab City vision

Prizes and Recognition

All projects will undergo evaluation based on the specific criteria outlined for the submission category they choose. The criteria within their selected category will carry a weight of 100% in determining their overall score. In instances where applicants submit their initiatives in multiple categories, each category’s criteria will contribute proportionally to the total score.

Best Overall Winning Project: MDDI 50% Scholarship

Prize value: 6.000 EUR

The Master in Design for Distributed Innovation (MDDI) is a distributed learning program focused on the intersection of design, technology, ecosystems and communities to improve interspecies wellbeing.

Basic information: Remote, worldwide, 10 months, English language.

Best Ecosystemic Design Project: Bio-regions Distributed Innovation Workshop

Prize value: 700 EUR
Transformative workshops focusing on innovation and sustainability, empowering participants with knowledge and skills to address global challenges and drive positive change.

Basic information: Remote workshop worldwide, 1-week duration (3 hours per day), English language.

Best Technological Innovation Project: Fab City Full Stack Bootcamp

Prize value: 1.000 EUR

Comprehensive learning experience on the Fab City Full Stack framework, empowering participants to implement it in their local context and collaborate with the global Fab City Network.

Basic information: Remote, worldwide, 3-day duration (2 hours per day), English language.

Best Community Engagement Project: Fab City Summit Ticket

Prize value: 500 USD

The Summit is a prestigious annual event where we welcome new Network members and meet with existing ones to conduct activities and update each other on the progress of the Fab City Agenda. This year the Summit will take place in Yucatan, Mexico in August.

The Jury

Annie Ferlatte

Industrial Designer & Strategic Ecodesigner
Montreal, Canada

Carolina Marini

Fab Manager & Head Designer
Instituto Fab Lab Brasil
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Victor Freundt

Design Researcher
Ministry of Foreign Trade & Tourism
Lima, Peru

Jana Koppe

Senior Project Manager
New Production Institute
Hamburg, Germany

Beno Juarez

Founder & Director
Fab Lab Peru
Lima, Peru

Wolf Kuehr

Expert on Circular Design
Fab City Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

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Josefina Nano

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