2018 Fab City Book

The Mass Distribution of Almost Everything

The context

Mass distribution is already happening, and it is transforming the way we learn, move, eat, work, and live. Since 2014, the Fab City Global Initiative has been developing the community, tools, methodologies, and political influence needed to globally shift the urban paradigm from PITO (Product-in, Trash-out) to DIDO (Data-in, Data-out). In 2018, the first Fab City book, Fab City: The Mass Distribution of (almost) everything, was published in time for the Fab City Summit Paris. This book is an inspiration and a call to action for people interested in making a change.

The goal

The book elaborates an action plan for cities to become more resilient through the relocalization of the production of energy, food, and products, and by enabling a global community of designers, makers, and thinkers that amplify and multiply the scale of this transformation, and to enable the mass distribution of (almost) everything.

Type of resource


In a nutshell

The book is a collection of contributions from members of the Fab City Global Initiative, who offer insights on enabling new processes to produce systems change through access to tools and knowledge for global collaboration and engaging urban futures.