A new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of a sustainable transformation.

The goal

To engage with historic industrial cores of European cities in an effort to become a part of a new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of sustainable transformations.

The solution

A citizen-driven approach that showcases the potential of having local makers be key suppliers of European cities’ goods. The project works to leverage heritage as a catalyst for innovation and social inclusion.

Type of project

EU Horizon 2020 program.

Main outputs

The project will explore the visual identity of the place, education of vocational training, create a network of participating cities, build a blueprint for repetition to be used in other localities and create a living archive of the work.

Our contribution

The Foundation’s role is focused on translating and infusing the Fab City Hub experience into the Fab City Hub Toolkit. The Toolkit is a practical dynamic guide to understand and document the fundamental steps that need to be undertaken towards the development of Fab City Hubs. There will be three iterations of the Toolkit during the lifespan of the CENTRINNO project and we will progressively engage pilot cities in its co-design, to merge theoretical assumptions with real-world experimentation.
The Fab City Foundation will onboard pilot cities in the exchange platform hosted in our slack channel to connect them with wider ecosystems in and beyond Europe and facilitate knowledge exchange, peer learning, and the development of a fellowship program.
The extensive communication channels and resources of the Foundation will enable the exploitation of project outputs in other cities of the network and beyond.