Decentralized platform for fair creative content distribution empowering creators and communities through new models based on digital tokens.

The goal

DAFNE+ aims to help digital content creators and creative talents to find new forms of creation, distribution, and monetization of their works of art through blockchain technology.

The solution

​A platform that covers all the aspects of creating and selling digital pieces from creative processes governed by the creators through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Type of project

EU Horizon 2020

Main outputs

DAFNE+ platform, value chain certificates for Creative Talents, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), and Workshops.

Our contribution

Fab City Foundation will design novel revenue models for cultural and creative industry business models, especially for the ones based on DAFNE+ DAO. Overall, it is expected that the more available red tape-free opportunities for decentralized collaboration between individuals and organizations, as in DAOs, the bigger the impact and overall revenue of the platform.
The Foundation will also lead the activities related to the exploitation of results by defining, implementing, and keeping up-to-date a coherent, project-wide, strategy. As project results become clear and several business models will have been evaluated, the focus will shift toward the drafting of a sustainable business plan embracing also the period beyond the project lifetime. Last, the Fab City Foundation will lead the performance of DAFNE+ use case development, measuring and comparing the initial plans and expectations with the outcome through different stages (before, during, and after use cases).