Digital Ecosystem Declaration

Fab City Foundation developed a framework to formulate a Digital Ecosystem Declaration (DED). This declaration is now part of the principal tools of the Fab City Global Initiative. This initiative brought together key actors of the Fab City Global Initiative and like-minded projects in order to contribute to and become signatories of the DED, a set of values that will be able to regulate the way we implement our strategies within a digital ecosystem.

Fab City DED

Through collaborative design, guiding principles for network engagement and digital platform development were crafted. The initiative originated in Hamburg, during The Future of Making Conference + Expo 2023, as part of the Interfacer project, involving a two-day workshop that led to the identification of seven core principles: openness, accessibility, autonomy, fairness, modularity, inclusivity, and ecology.


To expand perspectives, an online consultation broadened the input, adding values like freedom, glocality, participation, and transparency. These inputs were further distilled into a comprehensive set of values, nurturing the foundation’s future digital engagements within the Fab City ecosystem.


Fab City Foundation proudly launched the Digital Ecosystem Declaration, aligning with their strategic agenda to enhance global digital collaboration, during the Fab City Summit 2023 at Fab 23 Bhutan.

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The declaration remains an evolving document, in harmony with the network’s ongoing innovation and commitment to shaping a digital future. Everyone is invited to join by signing the declaration, as Fab City Foundation continues its journey toward a dynamic and interconnected tomorrow.

The DED process has started on March 4 at The Future Of Making Conference+Expo 2023 in Hamburg.

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