Fab City Digital Ecosystem Declaration

Fab City Digital Ecosystem Declaration

The process has begun in Hamburg, thanks to the support of Fab City Hamburg.

The Digital Ecosystem Declaration Ceremony is based on the Digital Ecosystem Declaration workshop outcomes held March 1-2, 2023 at the Fab City Haus in Hamburg. 

In recognising the need to steward, advocate for, and foster meaningful ways to share and collaborate digitally, the Fab City Global Initiative embarked on developing a Digital Ecosystem Declaration (DED). It aims to define principles that bring together stakeholders, frame digital tools and guide the development of protocols to realise Fab City’s ‘Data In – Data Out’ productive model.

This Digital Ecosystem Declaration workshop brought together online and in-person participants to discuss what principles and values should guide the steps we take as actors in a Global Digital Ecosystem.

A variety of views, critical issues, and questions emerged from the workshop that is now fertile ground for the workshop’s goal: to engage in the medium and long term in the development of a Declaration co-created by our global community that can be representative of its complexity and wholeness.

Image: Licensed via CC BY (INTERFACER project / or interfacer.eu). Photographer: Dawid Jakubowski.

The process has begun in Hamburg, thanks to the support of Fab City Hamburg. We understand it as a starting point to co-create this Declaration with the global community. Fab City Foundation has launched a public consultation period on March 31, 2023.

Partners, as well as stakeholders and the general public, were invited to improve the DED, which was initiated in Hamburg as part of The Future of Making Conference + Expo 2023. 

Fab City Foundation invited the Fab City Global Initiative to commit to this co-design process of the Digital Ecosystem Declaration during the Digital Ecosystem Declaration Ceremony on March 4, 2023. This Ceremony served as a kick-off and commitment of official consultation partners that co-designed the Digital Ecosystem Declaration collaboratively till Fab Fest 2023.

Image: Licensed via CC BY (INTERFACER project/or interfacer.eu). Photographer: Dawid Jakubowski.

Digital Ecosystem Declaration Roadmap March – July 2023

On March 4th, 2023, Fab City Foundation launched a public consultation period. Partners, as well as stakeholders and the general public, were invited to improve the DED, which was initiated in Hamburg as part of ‘the future of making Conference + Expo 2023.

  • Online consultation launch at end of March.
  • Regional Fab City clusters DED workshops open call at end of March.
  • Online consultation period in April, and May
  • Online consultation ends at the end of May.
  • Launch the final version online for signatures in July in Bhutan.

During the public consultation period of the Digital Ecosystem Declaration, an incredible and inclusive process unfolded, bringing together a diverse range of voices from around the world. The Fab City Foundation provided a platform for individuals, organizations, and communities to contribute their perspectives, ideas, and expertise to shape the future of our digital landscape.

Engagement was high as people from various backgrounds, industries, and regions shared their insights and concerns. The consultation period served as a dynamic forum for dialogue, fostering collaboration and generating a wealth of valuable feedback.

Participants were encouraged to provide their thoughts on key aspects of the declaration, such as principles for ethical digital practices, strategies for sustainability, and methods for fostering inclusivity and accessibility. The responses reflected a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the digital ecosystem.

The Fab City Foundation facilitated discussions through online platforms, enabling participants to engage in meaningful exchanges, share best practices, and propose innovative solutions. The consultation period created a vibrant global community committed to shaping a digital ecosystem that prioritizes fairness, sustainability, and collective well-being.

Now, as the public consultation period comes to a close, the Fab City Foundation enters the crucial evaluation phase. The dedicated team will carefully review and analyze the feedback received, considering the diverse perspectives and incorporating the most valuable insights into the final version of the Digital Ecosystem Declaration.

The anticipation is high as the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of the declaration during the upcoming Fab23Bhutan event in July. This milestone event will celebrate the collective effort and mark the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of our digital ecosystem.

Overall, the public consultation period has been a remarkable journey of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective vision-building. It has demonstrated the power of inclusive and participatory processes in shaping the digital landscape for the betterment of our global community.

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