The Fab Bhutan Challenge

Fab Bhutan Challenge 2023 - Designing Resilient Futures

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    Fab Bhutan Challenge | July 16-21, 2023

About the Fab Bhutan Challenge ’23

5 local Fab Labs and 5 international teams


The Fab Bhutan Challenge is a structured innovation competition that forms the backbone of the Fab 23 Bhutan. 

Five problems in the local context of Bhutan will be identified and collaboratively addressed by 5 local Fab Labs and 5 international teams.


60 people is the upper limit for selection. Each of the 5 fablabs, therefore, will host 12 local and international challengers.

Once the established threshold of challengers is reached, the FAB23 Bhutan ticket will include all activities except the Challenge, that is, all activities that will take place from July 21 to 28. 

Fab Bhutan Challenge: Digital Manufacturing Technological Conference

How it works

5 challenges - 5 areas of intervention

There will be four areas of intervention in the challenge, and through them it will be possible to outline the course of the program.

The theme of the Fab Bhutan Challenge, as well as the overall theme of the event, is “designing resilient futures.”, an acknowledgement of the changes and transformation that Bhutan is currently undertaking. 

The Challenge, following this theme, will bring together local and global innovation communities to propose meaningful interventions that enrich, scale and invest in Bhutan’s resilient economy from the bottom up following these four pillars:


  • Youth & Education
  • Technology
  • Innovation, Sustainability and Community
  • Economic Opportunity

The Challenges

About the trip to Bhutan

All visitors require a visa before traveling to Bhutan. In agreement with the Bhutan Tourism Department, all FAB23 Bhutan participants will NOT have to pay a US$200 per day fee. To start your visa application process, you must first purchase you FAB23 Bhutan Ticket and then submit the FAB23 Bhutan Visa Application Form. You must do this process at least one month before arrival at the event. The challenge participants will have their accomodation and travel included during the challenge days.

Those participating in the Challenge will need to apply for a visa valid from July 16. Every other participant in the main event will get a visa valid from July 20.

Important Dates

Before the Challenge

April 19 : Online challenge presentation pitches

May 1: Early Birds sale ends

May 7 : Close applications

May 21 : Team Announcement

June 2 : Team onboarding online call

June 16: Last day to sumbit visa documents


During the Challenge

16 July : Challenge Kickoff

17 July : Travel to FabLabs and site visits

18 – 21 July : Working Days

22 July : Travel to Timphu and set up showcase

23 July : Showcase on Open Day

28 July : Winner Announcements


The ticket price for FAB23 Bhutan – Designing Resilient Futures event includes the following activities:

  • Fab Bhutan Challenge | July 16-21, 2023 LIMITED PARTICIPANT CAPACITY.When buying your ticket, kindly inform us whether you intend to take part in the Challenge. If you are not selected as a challenger but still intend to travel to the venue on the 16th, you will be accountable for organizing and funding your own activities.
  • FAB Festival Bhutan | Jul 23, 2023
  • Fab Lab Conference and Symposium – Fab Event | July 24-27, 2023
  • Fab City Summit | Jul 28, 2023


Please note: these activities do not overlap