Fab City Summit and Conference Bali 2022

Fab City Summit 2022: Bali Fab Fest Welcomed 8 New Members

Fab City Summit and Conference During the Bali Fab Fest 2022

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    12/22 October, 2022
    Jimbaran Hub, Bali, Indonesia


The 2022 Summit was held during the Bali Fab Fest. It will be part of a unique learning experience for both international participants and local stakeholders who invest their efforts into inventing and realizing the world that is coming next. The Summit was a working opportunity for mayors, city leaders, policymakers, representatives of FabLabs and maker spaces, and citizens to come together and develop actions toward citizen-led self-sufficient cities.


During the Bali Fab Fest, we welcomed eight new members to our network, who have taken up the challenge to move towards producing (almost) everything they consume by 2054.

  1. Bali, Indonesia, is also our Network’s first Fab Island.
  2. Papua, Indonesia.
  3. Parepare, Indonesia.
  4. Pemkab Bangka Tengah, Indonesia.
  5. Sumedang, Indonesia.
  6. Guanajuato, Mexico.
  7. Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  8. Südburgenland, Austria.
Fab City Network: Grows to 49 Members, 8 Members Joined in Bali

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