Fab City Round Tables

Guiding cities in their journey towards becoming a pledged Fab City

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    February 20 & 27, 2024 at 2:30 pm CET

A Blueprint for Fab City Growth

Discover the transformative power of Fab City Round Tables, interactive calls led by global community, with the objective of sharing insights, expertise and toolkits to help other cities move closer to the common goal of producing (almost) everything they consume. 

In these virtual gatherings, coordinators engage in lively discussions, offering case studies on hosting Fab City events, guiding cities in their journey towards becoming a pledged Fab City. This allows for anyone to join into the discussions, give their opinions and also understand how different cities worked on the goal. We promote open collaboration between stakeholders using a common approach to share and iterate. These calls have the objective of helping the network contextualize the common approaches that are shared for their territory. 

Addressing the needs of interested cities, the Round Tables offer effective onboarding guidance. Navigate the process seamlessly with insights from experienced coordinators, ask questions and get insights from the different cities involved. 

The Round Tables also delve deep into understanding pain points, collecting data on city onboarding processes. Identify successful strategies, pitfalls, and solutions for a smoother transition. 

Through shared experiences, Round Tables cultivate a sense of community among participating cities. Collaboration and shared insights create a vibrant network.

In conclusion, Round Tables are a crucial component in the growth of Fab Cities worldwide. Looking ahead, these events will continue to welcome new cities, foster collaboration, and drive the Fab City movement forward. Join us in shaping the future!

The Speakers

Milena Juarez

Milena Juarez is a Brazilian environmental engineer and project manager at Fab Lab Barcelona/ IAAC. With a master's degree in Industrial Ecology, Milena has been involved in various interdisciplinary projects focused on circular economy, supporting the local activities of Fab City Barcelona, as well as the establishment of the network of productive spaces in the city.

Learn from the founding city, Barcelona, on their journey to become a Fab City on February 20th, 2024

Carolina Marini

Carol Marini is a designer and the former coordinator of the Brazilian Fab Lab Network. She is also a founder of the Fab Lab Brasil Institute and currently serves as the Fab Manager at Fundação Torino – Italian-Brazilian School. In 2022, she joined the Fab City Collective, showcasing her commitment to innovative initiatives.

Find out how to set up your Fab City Consortium with the Brazilian Network on February 27th, 2024