CENTRINNO Webinar: Urban Regeneration Transformative Impact

The hard challenge of assessing transformative impact in urban regeneration

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    20 January 2023


This webinar follows the former event ‘Regenerating Cities for the Post-Pandemic: what counts for transformative impact?’ Jointly organised by T-Factor, CENTRINNO, and HUB-IN projects in May 2022, dedicated to a first discussion around the topic of impact assessment for transformative urban regeneration.

With this new webinar, the three projects join again for a deep discussion and exchange around key lessons gathered so far. Among the topics, we will discuss how impact assessment in urban regeneration can be leveraged as a way to improve over-proving, understanding over-reporting, and learning over taking credit.

The webinar is open and we welcome contributions and reflections from other projects and initiatives mainly dealing with, but not limited to, urban regeneration and transitions to sustainable, inclusive, and innovative cities.

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