The Fab City Foundation

The Fab City Foundation supports the global initiative through the development of projects and educational programs that are focused on building the capacity of cities and their communities. Based in e-Estonia, the Foundation is location independent and supports distributed programs and projects the world over.


The Fab City Foundation develops and supports programs to advance the global Fab City agenda. We work with leaders from cities, municipalities, businesses and international institutions to develop unique implementation projects, pilots and strategic planning.

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Our prototyping approach unfolds a design-centred process through the identification of global trends, analysis and mapping of local impacts and opportunities, and the real-world co-design and piloting of situated solutions. We work closely with our partners, but never in silo, as every project feeds our Network’s global commons. The Fab City Foundation welcomes and reviews all requests for collaboration that aligns with our manifesto and strategic action plan. We are currently particularly interested in unfolding projects in the southern hemisphere.

Current Projects

The Fab City Foundation is currently involved in the following projects

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Projects we support


Fab City Foundation invests in education and training for transformational change. Making use of the Strategic Action Plan and Fab City Network to facilitate Distributed Learning Platforms. Educational programs aim to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, executives and policymakers through lifelong learning and training of trainers. We envisage a global community of leaders driving change in their local communities.

We collaborate on tailor-made training solutions for cities and regions looking to become more resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Our programs respond to and inspire real-world solutions through prototyping and community engagement. They are supported by the Future Learning team at Fab Lab Barcelona.

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Programs we support

Distributed Learning

Fab City invests in life-long learning. Our approach follows a Distributed Learning model, which contributes to more accessible education globally.

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Supervisory Board

Julie Hjort

Chair of the Board Danish Design Centre

Liz Corbin

Co-chair of the Board Metabolic, Materiom

Sherry Lassiter

Fab Foundation

Vicente Guallart


Francesco Cingolani

Fab City Grand Paris

Vasilis Niaros

P2P Lab

Erkki Karo


Management Board

Lucas Lemos

General Manager and Administrator

Kate Armstrong

Outreach and Communication

Tomas Diez

Executive Director


Tomas Vivanco

Distributed Learning Lead

Pablo Zuloaga

Distributed Learning Assistant

Ida Jusic

Network Coordinator

Norella Coronell

Community Coordinator

Carolina Ferro

Knowledge Coordinator

Manuela Reyes

Visual Designer

Organisations we work with

Work with us

We consult for cities, non-profits and companies focused on the strategic action plan, full stack approach to city and bioregional transformation.

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