Fab City Network

In 2014, the then mayor of Barcelona challenged cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. Since then, Fab Cities, Regions and Countries have pledged to join the Fab City Network. They all have the same goal: to locally produce energy, food and materials in order to reduce their environmental and social impact on the planet, and globally share best practices through open networks.

Each locality represents a local effort by city leaders, community groups, Fab Labs and civic organisations who collaborate in their territories, and at distance with the network, to meet the planetary challenges presented by the climate crisis and social inequality.

Barcelona Since 2018


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Thimphu Since 2018


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Shenzhen Since 2018


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Amsterdam Since 2016


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Curitiba Since 2018


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Georgia Since 2018


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Puebla Since 2018


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Cambrigde Since 2018


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Network Resources

The Fab City Handbook is an open resource to guide your engagement with the global initiative. You can find it hosted on GitBook. See more resources in our resources page.

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Join the Network

We welcome new cities to the Network at the annual Fab City Summit and work side-by-side with Network members throughout the year to develop local strategies to implement the Fab City Strategic Action Plan. The Network shares working practices and knowledge as well as a deep alignment of purpose and culture.