How to become a city of the network of change?
Be part of the new manufacturing ecosystem to rescale globalisation and provide the means of innovation and production to citizens, who are empowered to lead the transformation of their cities.
steps to join the fab city network
steps to join the fab city network
The Fab City Foundation has been established as a legal and organizational structure in Estonia to enable the location-independent work of the globally distributed Fab City community.
before starting
The process begins by understanding of the Fab City vision, manifesto and connections between the Initiative with the Network.
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find your consortium
Fab City pledges are made by local consortiums who represent the ecosystem of the city.
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map your ecosystem
To understand how a city can be made more productive, first it is vital to know the status of the city's local manufacturing ecosystem.
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talk to the initiative
The Collective, Fab City Foundation Management Board or representatives from fab City network member cities can help answer questions or give advice.
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What is the

The cities network share working practices and knowledge with the wider network as well as a deep alignment of purpose and culture. Fab City members join the Fab City Global Initiative in an official capacity because they believe the efforts of their own city can be enhanced and their own sustainability can be better achieved through collaboration.
Economic Development
This initiative offers a valuable economic opportunity for participating cities.
Social Inclusion
A focus on multi-stakeholder decision making, democratic access to information and open tools.
Technological Innovation
Development and implementation of new approaches and technological solutions.
Circular Economy
Materials stay within accepted distances in cities and regions, information travels on how things are made.

Who can pledge?

Cities, Regions, Countries, Planets can pledge if they go through the process, if they commit to the same goal: to locally produce energy, food and products in order to reduce their environmental and social impact on the planet and globally share best practices through open networks.
Join for 2021
New cities may join the Fab City network on a yearly basis at the annual gathering of the Fab City global community. If you would like your city to join the network you can begin the journey here.