European Meetup at Ars Electronica in Linz

European Meetup at Ars Electronica in Linz

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    September 7-8, 2023
    Linz, Austria

A unique opportunity to meet and exchange

We are thrilled to invite our European Fab CIties to join us at the Fab City European Meetup on September 7th and 8th, 2023 (Thursday and Friday) in Linz (Austria), an exclusive event organized as part of the renowned Ars Electronica Festival.

This meetup offers a unique opportunity for members of the Fab City Network to exchange ideas, collaborate, and be inspired by the latest developments within the Fab City movement.

A member of every Fab City in Europe will have the wonderful opportunity to attend the event, gaining access to the festival free of charge.

a 2-days curated program that includes

Linz Tour (Sep 7)

Explore the vibrant city of Linz and visit notable locations such as the Lab Robotic & Architecture and the Super Fab Lab. Gain insights into the local innovation ecosystem and discover how Linz is embracing the principles of Fab City.

Networking Opportunities (Sep 7)

Connect with members from the European Fab City Network, including and exchange with local practitioners, government officials and experts in the field of innovation and sustainability.

Exclusive Access to Ars Electronica (Sep 8)

As part of the Fab City Delegation Program, you will have access to curated activities within the Ars Electronica festival, providing an exclusive and immersive experience.The Ars Electronica festival showcases groundbreaking projects and ideas at the intersection of art, technology, and society.

Fab City Full Stack Bootcamp (Sep 8)

A learning experience that will empower Fab City activists with a deep understanding of the seven layers of the Fab City Full Stack: infrastructure, learning, innovation, communities, territories, bioregions, and planet.