Fab City

The annual Fab City Summit brings together city leaders, enthusiasts, industry and policy-makers to debate and explore innovations in productive cities. Historically hosted by a Network member, it is a chance for new Network members to pledge to join, and existing members to exchange learnings and advance our collective roadmap. Consisting of keynote talks, panels and workshops it is complemented by the Fab City Campus, a pop-up Fab City demonstrator to demonstrate various citizen-led approaches to local circularity and productivity of food, energy and materials.

  • 2011 – Lima

    Fab7 International Conference

    Fab City launch

  • 2014 – Barcelona

    Fab 10 - 'From Fab Labs to Fab Cities'

    First City Pledge

  • 2016 – Amsterdam

    Fab City Summit

    First Fab City Campus

  • 2018 – Paris

    Fab City Summit


  • 2019 – Amsterdam

    We Make the City Festival

    Fab City Symposium

  • 2020 – Distributed

    Fab City Summit online

  • 2021 – Montreal

    Fab City Summit

    Fabricating the Commons


  • 2022 – Bali

    Fab City Summit

    First distributed Fab City Campus

Upcoming Summits

Bali 2022

Mexico 2023