Fab City Awards 2023

Recognising sustainable practices for regenerative futures

Awarding best practices from the Fab City Network

The Fab City Awards 2023 are the first iteration of an International contest, organised by the Fab City Foundation, that recognises best practices from town, city, region, and nation members of the Fab City Network that are working to advance the Fab City vision of sustainable, regenerative and self-sufficient living through local production and global connections.

The Awards serve as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and inspiration within the Fab City global network. By participating in the Fab City Awards, organisations and individuals representing them have the opportunity to connect, understand, and learn from each other’s impactful work.

It is a chance to ignite new opportunities, forge meaningful partnerships, and collectively make the network even more powerful.

Calling all Fab City Network innovators and change-makers

Calling all organisations committed to driving positive change and creating a better world through innovation and impact-driven initiatives to share their local practices with the global movement for regenerative futures.

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Showcase your Fab City’s best practices projects, products, services, policies, urban strategy, neighbourhood transformation, community empowerment action, or other types of initiatives!


  • PRE-LAUNCH: during the Fab City Summit Bhutan, on July 28, 2023
  • Open call for applications: August 01 – September 03, 2023
  • Judging period: September 01-15, 2023.
  • Winners’ Announcement: September 18, 2023.
  • Prizes Acceptance: September 29, 2023.


Initiatives that can apply

To be eligible the best practices being submitted must meet the following conditions:
  • Already be implemented or piloted by a public, private, nonprofit, or community organisation.
  • Be implemented in one of the 52 Fab City Network member localities.
  • Applicants can be organisations and institutions or individuals representing them.
  • Organisations must be represented by an applicant who is directly involved in the initiative and is at least 18 years old.
  • Align with at least one of the Fab City Awards themes, based on the Fab City Full Stack layers.
  • Have been created or updated in 2018 or later.
  • Demonstrate clear alignment with the Fab City vision.

Prizes and Recognition

Winning entries of the Fab City Awards will receive exceptional recognition and exposure. These outstanding initiatives will be prominently showcased on our website, offering a global platform to share their success stories and inspire others in the pursuit of sustainable, regenerative cities.

1st Prize: (two) MDDI 50% Scholarship

- Prize value: 12.000 EUR (6.000 EUR for each scholarship).
- Number of participants: 02 local Fab City representatives.

The Master in Design for Distributed Innovation (MDDI) is a distributed learning program focused on the intersection of design, technology, ecosystems and communities to improve interspecies wellbeing.

Basic information: Remote, worldwide, 10 months, English language.

2nd Prize: Fab City Full Stack Bootcamp

- Prize value: 6.000 EUR
- Number of participants: 06 local Fab City representatives

Comprehensive learning experience on the Fab City Full Stack framework, empowering participants to implement it in their local context and collaborate with the global Fab City Network.

Basic information: Remote, worldwide, 3-day duration (2 hours per day), English language.

3rd Prize: Distributed Innovation Workshops

- Prize value: 1.400 EUR
- Number of participants: 02 local Fab City representatives

Transformative workshops focusing on innovation and sustainability, empowering participants with knowledge and skills to address global challenges and drive positive change.

Basic information: Remote workshop worldwide, 1-week duration (3 hours per day), English language.

Evaluation Criteria based on the Fab City Manifesto


Initiatives that have an integrated approach to environmental stewardship, working towards a zero-emission future while also preserving biodiversity, rebalancing the nutrient cycle, and sustaining natural resources.

Sustainable development

Initiatives that promote sustainable economic growth by investing in building the skills, infrastructure and policy frameworks needed for the 21st century.

Open source

Initiatives that adhere to open source principles and value open data in order to stimulate innovation and develop shared solutions between cities and territories.


Initiatives that promote equitable and inclusive policy co-design through the development of a commons approach, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income level and capabilities.


Initiatives that engage multiple stakeholders in decision-making processes and empower citizens to take ownership of innovation and change-making.


Initiatives that promote global knowledge sharing between cities and territories to provide access to tools and solutions that could be adapted to local cultures and needs.

Locally productive

Initiatives that enable the efficient and shared use of all locally available resources in a regenerative economy approach to build a productive and vibrant city and territory.


Initiatives that give priority to living beings and culture over technology for cities to become living and resilient ecosystems at the service of Earth’s well-being.


Initiatives that address urban issues in all dimensions and interdependencies to build sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities and territories for everyone.

Fab Challenge Report 2022: Ideated, Prototyped Tested Solutions

The Jury

Albert Cañigueral

External Consultant
Inter-American Development Bank
Barcelona, Spain

Alessandra Schmidt

Action Research Lead
Fab Lab Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Annie Ferlatte

Industrial Designer & Strategic Ecodesigner
Montreal, Canada"

António Chanoca

FLOW Group International
Lisbon, Portugal

Aristarco Cortes Martin

Deputy Commercial & Project Director
Instituto de Diseño e Innovación Tecnológica
Puebla, Mexico

Beno Juarez

Founder & Director
Fab Lab Peru
Lima, Peru

Carolina Marini

Fab Manager & Head Designer
Instituto Fab Lab Brasil
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Claire Chaikin-Bryan

Fab Lab Lead
Port Macquarie City Council
Port Macquarie, Australia

Eric Pan

Founder & CEO
Seeed studio
Shenzhen, China

Flavia Feliz

Managing Director
We.Flow Global
Curitiba, Brazil

Jana Koppe

Senior Project Manager
New Production Institute
Hamburg, Germany

Kirstin Wiedow

Partnerships & Community Lead
Global Innovation Gathering/ Fab Lab Namibia
South Africa/ Namibia

Marion Real

Systemic Design Researcher
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Annecy, France

Ryota Kamio

Urbanist, Designer & Researcher
Kobe, Japan

Thais Costa

Design Researcher
Future Heritage Lab
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Victor Freundt

Design Researcher
Ministry of Foreign Trade & Tourism
Lima, Peru

Vincent Guimas

Ars Longa
Paris, France

Wolf Kuehr

Expert on Circular Design
Fab City Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

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Josefina Nano

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